Problem: Speaker Sound Card Emulator

A good site with instructions and software for using the pc speaker as a sound card for Windows 95 was at
This site has been moved or no longer exists, sorry.  The server appears to be in german, a language I do not know, so I have not been able to find the page there.

There is a microsoft knowledge base article Q138857

You can also download a zip'ed version of the file here.

To install the PC Speaker Driver

1-create a folder named install in the root directory of your hard drive
2-download and run the program speak.exe from microsoft in the install folder
   or download and extract the contents to install
3-speaker.txt contains additional information about the program
4-view the microsoft article Q138857 and follow the installation instructions for your operating system.
5-you can delete the contents of the install folder when done.

Note: the sound quality this driver produces is quite poor.
          It is better than no sound at all.