Problem: Power Quest folder opening on startup of windows 98

Mine did that with version 3.x.
It is caused by a program that seems to be related to the Magic Mover program.

PowerQuest Startup Utility seems to cause this.

To disable it at startup you can click on start | run
Then key MSCONFIG.EXE and click OK.
On the dialog box that opens, click on the startup tab.
Find PowerQuest Startup Utility and uncheck the check box next to it.
Click OK or Apply.

This program did not cause this problem on windows 95 even though it was run there too.
I'm not sure what this program does but stopping it has not caused any problems with my system.
I have not however used the Magic Mover software either.
You might want to enable it and restart before using that software.

Tbe newer version 4.x does not cause this problem.

Information about Partition Magic is available at: