Problem: Start menu scrolls instead of being displayed in columns

The scrolling menus function is a feature of Internet Explorer 4.x and 5.x and thus a feature of windows 98.

You might want to consider organizing your start menu entries into folders.  That way you can reduce the number of entries on each menu so that they all fit on screen.

You can restore the windows 95 version if you have Internet Explorer 5 installed.
You need to download the file that gives you a check box in the folder options dialog box to switch between the scrolling and column format.

This does not affect the main start menu, the one you get when you click start, but it does affect all folders in the programs folder.

To install on it, extract the .reg file contained in the zip file and double click on it.
Click on yes to confirm the installation.

To use it click on start | settings | folder options.
On the dialog box that opens, click on the view tab.
There will now be a check box labeled Multi-Column Start Menu Style.
Check it to use the older windows 95 style menu, remove the check mark to get the newer windows 98/Internet Explorer 4 style.

This was created using the information posted by
Thorsten Matzner in alt.windows98