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The files available here are in the form of zip files.

Click here to go to hotfiles.com and choose an unzipping program.

If that link does not work, try this one and do a search for "zip" without the quotes

A free unzipping program that I have used at work is available at
It does have an ad that is displayed, it also adds a background program that watches for an internet connection and updates the add.  This one can be downloaded from Hotfiles, but when I downloaded it there, it was distributed as a zip file instead of being an executable file.  You needed an unzipping program to use the unzipping program.
I found that the advertising program caused the computer to lock up.

I have used Winzip, PK Zip, and ZipMagic 98.

I currently use PK Zip.

You should be sure to use ZipMagic 98's update to upgrade to the newest version.
It does take over the cab files.
If you are using windows 98, you can use the windows 95 power toy to restore the cab file viewer .
You would want to turn of ZipMagic 98's association with other file types.
You can also install the cab file viewer in windows 95.

The cab file viewer provides a folder type view of the contents of a cab file.

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