Missing Right Click Menu Functions

Problem: No install option for .inf files in windows 95/98

Problem: Missing new option on right click menu

Problem: Open and explorer are greyed out when you right click on the start button

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Problem: Getting windows 98 updates without using the update site

Problem: Location of Tweak UI for Windows 95 & 98

Problem: Installing the windows 95 power toys

Problem: Changing locations of programs from one drive to another one

Problem: Changing programs that run at startup on windows 98

Problem: Partition Magic information

Problem: Power Quest folder opening on startup of windows 98

Problem: EZ-Desk home page

Problem: Location of Ghost

Problem: Location of SpinRite 5 information

Problem: Location of old windows 95 FAX program on windows 98 CD

Problem: Using the system file checker

Problem: Speaker Sound Card Emulator

Problem: Restoring files created by the windows 95 backup program using the windows 98 backup program

Problem: Location of windows 98 lite

Problem: Install fails after a given percentage

Problem: Speaker does not beep with accessibility function for caps lock/numlock/scroll lock

Problem: Agent question (News reader program)

Problem: Backing up the registry

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Boot Disks/Auto Start CD's

Problem: Create an emergency boot disk for windows 98

Problem: Reinstalling or creating a boot disk for Windows 95/98 instructions

Problem: Create autorun for the CD ROM

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Zip/Jaz Drives

Problem: Imomega Zip/Jaz Icon changing

Problem: Zip/Jaz problems

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Adjusting Windows

Problem: Stop/Start smooth scrolling of the task bar

Problem: Turning off scan disk after improper shut-down

Problem: How to stop the windows log on box

Problem: Stopping warning message when opening the windows folder

Problem: Need to expand the stack (not enough stack pages)

Problem: Low disk space warning in windows 98

Problem: Dial-up connection is opening on windows 98

Problem: ico files don't display icon

Problem: pif files don't work or don't display the correct icon

Problem: Shortcut (lnk) files don't work or don't display the correct icon

Problem: Preview of image files is not working

Problem: Icons changing on quick launch bar

Problem: Windows 98 power management problems

Problem: Computer is accessing the floppy drive

Problem: You've deleted/lost the show desktop icon from your quick launch tool bar

Problem: How to Get Rid of My Documents

Problem: Start menu scrolls instead of being displayed in columns

Problem: Start menu not sorted

Problem: Right hand pane is missing in explorer

Problem: Boot log errors

Problem: Removing Office Find Fast

Problem: Want to restore the default startup and shutdown screens

Problem: Windows 98 SE does not shut down correctly

Problem: Windows setup gives error about being unable to create short filenames

Problem: Save dialog box is not sorted correctly

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General Information

Problem: Maximum memory for windows 95 2 gigabytes

Problem: File type information

Problem: Deleting a file that windows won't delete (bad characters)

Problem: Windows 98 cannot see floppy but DOS can

Problem: Location of windows 98 serial number

Problem: Contents of windows 98 retail CD, windows 98 update CD, and windows 95b OSR 2.1 cab files

Problem: Internet Explorer does not prompt to disconnect the dial-up connection

Problem: Internet Explorer prompts to disconnect the dial-up connection

Problem: Task scheduler won't stop running at startup

Problem: Windows 98 defrag does not report fragmentation percentage

Problem: Getting windows 98 updates without using the update site

Problem: Internet Explorer 5.x Logos and title text

Problem: Self extracting files reporting corrupt headers

Problem: Netscape problems

Problem: Marlett font problems-messed up close/open/minimize buttons

Problem: Command line to shutdown windows

Problem: Links for modem troubleshooting/help

Problem: Direct Cable Connection Information

Problem: Where do windows 98 programs start from?

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